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  • EVS from Brazil, to Brazil!
    EVS Brazil Cristian 1In 2013 with the help of the Youth in Action Program, we could have Cristian, the brazilian volunteer with us in Artemisszió Foundation. Also our volunteer Anna Végh could make her voluntary service in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Their project was called Make the Differenece! and they have both spent 5 months abroad, and came back full of experiences that last for a lifetime. Cristian's article about his experiences in Hungary (in English) or you can visit Anna's log about her adventures in Brazil in  (in Hungarian).
  • 4C Conference: “Skills Development For Better Social and Geographic Mobility”
    4C konferenciaThe conference aims to look at geographic and social mobility through the window of skills development in order to showcase concrete tools and methods of guidance that make mobility a successful, positive experience.

    During the 2 days we will introduce the results of the 4C Project, give an overview about the MOMAP Guidance Methodology, let participants try out our tools in practice and discover other experts’ views and methods upon intercultural mobility and its guidance.

    Date: 5-6 of November, 2013.
    Venue: Gödör Club – Central Passage 1061 Hungary, Budapest, Király street 8-10.

    Participation in the conference is free of charge.

    For more information please visit:

  • Teachers' visit to Sierra Leone
    EUAidSP 2013 6The Hungarian teachers’ visit to Sierra Leone took place between 3 and 10 July 2013 in the frames of our school linking project the North-South Connection. The visit was a good opportunity for the teachers to familiarize themselves with the educational system, curricula and with the local conditions, challenges.

  • For Better Mobility Experiences - Trainers' Training Budapest
    MOMAP logoWe are offering a Course for Professionals who support people through geographic or social mobility.
    Want to develop your knowledge and practice of helping people have better social and geographic mobility experiences?
    Want to learn new techniques, methods and tools for engaging people in mobility situations and be able to evaluate the process?

    Come and take part in our course in Budapest!
    Date: 16-20 September 2013

    The course is aimed at professionals working in:
    • For profit sector: coaches, counsellors working with expats, HR professionals, trainers working in multinational companies with a diverse team
    • Higher education: Erasmus coordinators, mentors and counsellors of international students
    • NGO sector: social workers, professionals working with migrants, international volunteers, disadvantaged youth, teachers and other staff working in talent and mentoring programs

    Download the

    Check our project website and
  • North - South connection project
    EUAid SP 2013.04.24Our project, North-South Connection has been launched! 

    Our objective is to etablish school partnerships between European and African schools in order to create a more just and sustainable world.

  • Come and participate in our training!
    4C Logo JPG Kicsi 3x4Are you a foreigner in Hungary? Do you stay here at least for 3 months? Do you want to learn more about yourself in a new environment? Would you like to understand more about cultural challenges?

    If you answered YES for the above asked questions, than we would like to invite you to participate in our Mobility Training.

    Location and Duration: 8-12 April 2013 Cambridge, UK
    Application deadline: 20th of March 2013

  • Social Link Conference
    sociallink logo kThe Artemisszió Foundation cordially invites you within the framework of the international ISABEL project to the conference SOCIAL LINK - The use of the means of social media in the field of  informal education, social skills development and community building.
    The Social Link conference takes place as a concluding event of the international collaborative project called ISABEL – Interactive Social Media for Integration, Bartering Skills, Empowerment, Informal Learning.

    Date: 18th of September 2012, 10:00-20:00
    Venue: R33 Kulturközpont (Culture Centre) 1095 Soroksári út 58. (Közvágóhíd)

    The program and the registration sheet .

  • Bridges in Pest
    BuildingSocBridgesThe final international meeting of the project ’Building Social Bridges’ took place between 2 and 5 July 2012, in Budapest. Apart from the interactive activities, the participants got to know several mentoring programs such as the program of Artemisszio (with migrant focus), of Bagázs (involving Roma and non-Roma youngsters) and of ’The City is for All’ (involving homeless people).

  • Pen tip and fans of fire!
    TolldiszWe at Artemisszio Foundation consider Mr. Lajos Boglár, the renowned creator of the anthropological studies and methods in Hungary as our greatest Mentor and one of our Ideal! He was always of the opinion that the anthropological studies would have to break the monotonous barriers of the knowledge boundaries and has to take part in the everyday lives of the community and form a strong opinion about the ways and means of respecting and accepting one another in the society. Artemisszio was exactly founded to put this noble aim into practice.

  • Faces of Colombia
    kolumbia kep masolatGlobal responsibility, active participation of young people, social justice – these are the key words of the activities of Judit Koppány, our EVS volunteer at ICYE Colombia and Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes in Colombia. As a participant of the multilateral project ’Volunteers for social inclusion’, Judit has worked as a volunteer for 6 months in the disadvanataged neighbourhoods of Bogota.

    About her intercultural experiences she writes a blog:

    She wrote an article to the newsletter of ICYE Colombia (pages 6-8), .
  • "Nowhere People" - exhibition in MüPa
    The Ministry of Interior of Hungary and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees invite you to the exhibition on the world’s stateless “Nowhere People” by photographer Greg Constantine. The exhibition can be viewed until 31 May 2012 in Palace of Arts (1095 Bp., Komor Marcell u. 1.), free entry.

  • Sierra Leone - Budapest connection
    Artemisszió Foundation and the EVS volunteers from Sierra Leone kindly invite you and your family to celebrate with us on Sierra Leone’s 51st Independence Day on 27 April at 7 pm in Fogasház (Budapest, VII., Akácfa utca 51.)

  • India - Senegal Eve
    The Artemisszio Foundation would like to invite you to the India - Senegal Eve organized by hungarian EVS-volunteers, who experienced these countries' life.

    There will be an interactive quiz about India and Senegal, lots of photos and talk, some special snack.

    Location: Fogasház, Budapest VII. Akácfa utca 51.
    Date: 03/10/2011 08:30 PM

  • Forum theatre and creative media workshops for immigrants
    Join to our 30 hours long workshops of THEATRE and CREATIVE MEDIA!
    There is no need of professional background!!
    The participation is FREE!

  • ARIADNE - Art for intercultural adaptation in new environment
    ARIADNE is a new 2-year international project in Artemisszio Foundation.  The objective is to provide art-based methods for migrants, refugees and people who needs help in adaptation. We analize how art can enhance adaptation, inclusion, creativity on individual and social level.

  • Bridges
    In the frames of our Grundtvig learning partnership project about mentoring in the social sector, Building Social Bridges, two of our mentors travel to Italy to visit and discuss the Italian good practices from 17 to 21 May 2011. Zita Szarvas and Krisztina Ercse work as volunteer mentors to support the integration (to the school and to the society) of migrant children in Budapest.
  • Youth and theatre
    The use of theatre as tool to work with and for young people – this is the theme of the training course organised by INCA with the participation of Artemisszió Foundation, between 2 and 9 September 2011, in London. Participants from youth work, social sector, animation, drama education and education are welcome!
  • Lecture and discussion on human rights in South America
    The lecture titled “Deprived of their soil, deprived of their future” is co-organized by our Colombian volunteer, Catalina Marin Moreno, who will also share her thoughts and experiences.
    Date: April 21, 2011 (Thursday), 7pm
    Venue: Fogasház, VII. Budapest, Akácfa utca 51.
  • 4C Project for developing cross-cultural competences
    4C is a 3-year international project that started in December 2010. The project’s objective is to provide adult learners in situations of mobility with new tools and methods to improve their competences in order to better cope with the difficulties inherent in border-crossing. We would like to achieve this by developing two innovative IT-based tools that can help to transform the “risky” mobility situations into a positive experience.

    Artemisszió Foundation kindly invites you to have a FRENCH APERITIF offered by the French Group of Leonardo Da Vinci trainees in Budapest. There will be a chance to listen to French music, watch short movies from France and have a taste of the delicious French cuisine and lifestyle.

    Where? FOGASHÁZ, Budapest, VII. Akácfa u. 51.

    When? Thursday 27th of January at 7:00 pm