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Sport for inclusion


The Mira football team has now come to the point where:



    • holds regular training sessions (once per week, in the city parks in the summer, on free-use football pitches);
    • during outdoor training the football team likes to play with other teams, that trains in the same fields regardless of their professional level, national or ethnic background
    • train in a rented room during the winter, also on a weekly basis
    • if possible, take part in football tournaments available for them
    • has a certain amount of equipment thanks to tender resources and donations, but this should be expanded;
    • current staff approx. 25 people (10-12 of them occasionally attend training);
    • the youngest member is currently 14 years old, the oldest 35, and also children with the age: 9-10 take part in the training sessions
    • the team currently consists mainly of boys and men, but from time to time women also train with them
    • the current members usually represent 4 continents (Asia, Africa, South America, Europe)