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 Niki's experiences as a volunteer


"All in all, I learned a hell lot about life in Madrid even if for that I had to go through less rainbow-y experiences." What can go wrong during an EVS..? Well..quite a few things, but in the end, if I would ask Niki, I am sure she would still get on that plane.

"I had no idea what it was gonna be like, all I wanted was a relevant professional experience (to work for an NGO) and to be in Spain (for its language, people and tortillas). So I signed up to spend a year in the capital, Madrid. It ended up being only 8 months as I quit the program sometime April.
But before we jump to the whys, I want to highlight how important this era was. I would never regret going there.

First of all, (as I'm quite the people person) I met amazing people: both fellow EVS participants who later became my closest friends there and colleagues who were very supportive when times got harder, ate delicious food: all those tapas, pez, tortilla, sangría, and the list goes on, and really got to know the city: the Mediterranean street-living-extremely-social phenomenon, how you have to pay to get into clubs, and the fun salsa classes and get-togethers) and I visited places I'd never been before. All these memories balance out those few months when I wasn't feeling okay at all.

My job wasn't for me after all and I had personal conflicts at the workplace which did not help me stay enthusiastic. For some months, I faced various challenges - a strong cultural shock (which I thought would never affect me, given how close I felt to Spain and the Spaniards), personal relationship issues, and I wasn't feeling great at the workplace either. I realised that I had to fight my own convictions about productivity, well-being and values in life. I learned to disagree with the notion 'never give up'. Because sometimes it is the best solution. Especially to gain back your mental health. There's nothing more important than that. And your health in general (relevant, isn't it?).

All in all, I learned a hell lot about life in Madrid even if for that I had to go through less rainbow-y experiences. But I would never trade it for anything. I'm not the regretful type anyways. It was a fun and at the same time challenging but necessary chapter of my life."

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