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Önkéntes beszámolóink: Ariadna


Ariadna's time while volunteering


Places you didn't think about before can be full of surprises..I recommend Ariadna's words to all the current and future volunteers in Budapest.

“Taking own decisions”

I perfectly remember the day I applied to be the volunteer of Artemisszió, any relative knew I was planning to do so, in fact, everyone knew I was starting this adventure three weeks before departing.

Summer 2019: I was looking for volunteer opportunities in an organization where I could learn but also apply knowledge from my studies, I was not really looking for a specific place. When I saw the post of Artemisszió I knew that was exactly what I was looking for.

From the moment I arrived in Budapest I felt I was at home, the first weekend I had the opportunity to meet part of the MIRA team and volunteers in a training weekend where we planned the activities for the next year…
Among all the tasks, planning the intercultural events was what I enjoyed the most: the research part to know about the culture, contacting with people, but especially being on the spot, eating the delicious food volunteers prepared and seeing people enjoying was amazing!
During the time there I discovered Budapest, a city where I had never been before but that stole my heart, I met amazing people, I could also manage to travel around the bordering countries…

I would recommend everyone to do an EVS, I appreciated the fact that during the first month it was organized “an on-arrival training” by the national agency where I met volunteers from other organizations. The months there I joined the Hungarian language course, and…yeah, Hungarian is not the easiest language so I can’t express myself yet…
I am very grateful for having been part of Artemisszió and I am really missing all the team, the OpenDoors members as well as the volunteers participating in the events. I think taking the decision of doing this EVS was one of the best I took.

For more information about the ESC program, contact us at: evs@artemisszio.hu
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